Redmi K50 Pro rendering exposed: appearance similar to Xiaomi Civi

On January 10, drew a render of the Redmi K50 Pro based on the exposed phone case. As shown in the image, the Redmi K50 Pro continues the previous generation's mid-bore screen solution, with a camera shape on the back resembling Xiaomi's most beautiful phone, the Civi.

In terms of specifications, there are rumors that there are three Redmi K50 series, the K50 standard version with Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 chip, the K50 gaming version with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 chip, and the K50 Pro may be equipped with MediaTek Tiangui 9000 or Snapdragon 8 chip.

Among them, Snapdragon 8 and Tiangui 9000 are the most powerful cell phone chips of Qualcomm and MediaTek respectively. The former is built based on Samsung 4mm process, with a mega-core of Cortex X2, CPU main frequency exceeding 3.0GHz and GPU of Adreno 730, and the comprehensive score of AnTuTu exceeds 1 million.

The latter is based on TSMC's 4nm process and consists of one Cortex-X2 3.05GHz mega-core and three Cortex-A710 2.85GHz mega-core and four Cortex-A510 energy-efficient cores, with the same AnTuTu score breaking 1 million.

Redmi has already announced that it will release the K50 series in February, and this launch will probably release the K50 Standard Edition and K50 Gaming Edition, not sure if the K50 Pro will make an appearance.

It is worth noting that Lu Weibing had revealed two pieces of information when interacting with Mi Fan, one is the high cost of the latest flagship core, which seems to imply that the K50 series may no longer start from 1999 yuan, and the second is that the entire K50 series rose cup, positioning higher means that the price of the K50 series may rise.

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