Redmi K50 coming soon : Snapdragon 8 & Mediatek 9000

With the Xiaomi 12 being announced, the specific specifications of this flagship will just have to wait for the official announcement, which will officially meet with everyone next week.

And at this time, everyone is paying more and more attention to another highly popular Redmi K50 series instead. After all, the Xiaomi digital series is now becoming more and more comprehensive, high-end, and priced relatively higher, and in the context of today's consumer downgrade, the K series has become the best choice for many people.

This morning, the well-known breaking news blogger @ digitation gossip station brought the latest news about the series, he revealed: "l10 and l11 series iterations of the new machine are also on the way, at present I look at several models are still centered single hole straight screen, the new flexible high brush screen specifications are good. Mediatek 9000, Mediatek 8000 and Snapdragon 8 Gen1 versions are quite interesting, and then this time there is ONE MORE THING... "

This time also once again confirmed that the K50 universe of processors will be very rich, in terms of performance, price point, etc. will provide a richer choice, compared to the previous generation of differentiation will be more obvious.

Earlier, Lu Weibing also showed up at the Mediatek 9000 launch event to announce that the Redmi K50 series will be equipped with this top flagship chip, and also revealed that the K50 universe will adhere to the ultimate price/performance ratio together with MediaTek.

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