realme GT2 Pro poster released: 2K straight screen

This morning, realme vice president Xu Qi released the realme GT2 Pro preview poster.

The poster shows that the realme GT2 Pro is the strongest 2K straight screen flagship ever built, which is called the "straight screen ceiling". Xu Qi pointed out that realme GT2 Pro's display, texture, power consumption, control, tuning five are all-round.

It is reported that the realme GT2 Pro uses the second generation LTPO display, which can intelligently switch the frame rate according to the mobile application scenario.

For example, in the game scene, it will maintain a higher frame rate, thus making the screen transition more natural. And when the user is reading novels and brushing videos, it will lower the phone frame rate, truly achieving a lower screen power consumption without affecting the user experience.

In addition, realme GT2 Pro is suspected to use the COP encapsulation process, and the lower bezel achieves an extremely narrow design with outstanding visual effects.

The core configuration, realme GT2 Pro first equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 processor, is expected to be 8GB memory, 128GB storage start, support SuperDart super flash charging.

Author: King
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