Realme GT 2 Master Explorer Edition first X7 unique display chip

This afternoon's release of the True GT2 Master Explorer has seen a huge performance boost.

In addition to the performance improvement and heat reduction of Snapdragon 8+ itself, the world's first new generation X7 unique display chip brings comprehensive performance and power consumption upgrade.

According to the introduction, X7 unique display chip can support 4 times insert frame technology, can make the original 30 frames of the screen instantly promoted to 120 frames of the screen, so that the game screen is very smooth and silk-smooth, while the SoC load is far lower than the original 120 frames of the situation, so that the experience and power consumption are significantly enhanced.

As for the frame insertion delay of the old chip, this time the true GT2 Master Exploration version with X7 unique display can also be significantly reduced to the level of only 10ms, which is basically completely invisible delay effect, comparable to the original experience.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the game enhancement, X7 also brings DC dimming for the true GT2 Master Exploration edition, so that the mobile phone in low brightness strobe obvious solution, use more eye protection.

Author: King
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