Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ is officially released with a 10% performance boost and a 30% power drop

After half a year, Qualcomm's new generation of Snapdragon 8 mobile platform has been upgraded for the first time, and "Snapdragon 8+" was born.

Snapdragon 8 is the first product in Qualcomm's lineup with a new naming system, offering the best experience in six technologies, Including Snapdragon Connect Connectivity, Snapdragon Sound audio, Snapdragon Elite Gaming, Snapdragon Sight Imaging, Snapdragon Secure Security, Snapdragon Smart, the world's first to support 3GPP R16 5G solution, 8K HDR video shooting, Bluetooth CD lossless audio, the first more than 50 game features.

In antu's latest performance rankings, snapdragon models occupy eight of the TOP10 positions.

However, since its release, snapdragon 8 has been controversial in terms of power consumption and heat consumption, and terminal models have made every effort to dissipate heat. However, the latest Snapdragon 8+, while improving performance, has especially reduced power consumption and heat consumption.

For starters, the Snapdragon 8+ has been switched from Samsung's 4nm manufacturing process to TSMC's 4nm manufacturing process, which is clearly better than Samsung's, though there are no official metrics.

The Snapdragon 8+ CPU is still composed of a single supercore X2, three large core A710 and four small core A510. The frequency has been increased from 3.0GHz, 2.5GHz and 1.8GHz to 3.2GHz, 2.8GHz and 2.0GHz, respectively, and the performance has been improved by about 10%.

At the same time, the Adreno 730 GPU core has a 10% increase in frequency, resulting in the same 10% increase in performance.

In terms of energy efficiency, the overall power consumption of snapdragon 8+ SoC is reduced by about 15%, and CPU and GPU power consumption can be reduced by up to 30% in different scenarios.

In addition to CPU and GPU, Qualcomm has also made significant adjustments on other modules of the whole machine, greatly improving the energy performance of the overall SoC.

Qualcomm official also gave some measured data.

Under the temperature of 25℃, The Original God ran for 30 minutes in the heavy load scene with 810p picture quality, and the average frame rate was 60.2fps. The whole process was stable without obvious frame loss, and the actual power consumption was reduced by 30% compared with Snapdragon 8.

Honor of Kings improved its energy efficiency by about 30 percent, regardless of whether it was 90 frames + extreme quality or 120 frames + HD quality.

With optimized energy efficiency, snapdragon 8 can significantly extend the battery life of terminal devices, such as nearly 1 hour of games, more than 80 minutes of video playback, more than 5.5 hours of voice calls, more than 25 minutes of 5G wechat video calls, more than 50 minutes of social media browsing, and more than 17 hours of music playback.

In other respects, snapdragon 8+ has basically the same specs and features as the Snapdragon 8.

Based on Snapdragon 8+ mobile terminals, currently known MOTOROLA Edge 30 Ultra, RealMe GT2 Master Explorer edition, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, Xiaomi MIX FOLD 2, Mi 12 Ultra, etc. Among them, Motorcycle is expected to win the first.

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