Pixel 6A unlocked slowly and failed to add fingerprints after it was upgraded to Android 13

After upgrading to Android 13 Beta 4.1, SlashGear editor Tushar Mehta reported that the Pixel 6A was experiencing "very slow" unlocking. The update also appears to have broken the ability for users to add fingerprints, with a constant "can't handle fingerprints" error.

Mehta tweeted: "Pixel 6A is still working with the Android 13 update, but recognition is slow. If you try to add a new fingerprint after deleting the old one, you will often encounter the error message 'Fingerprint cannot be processed' ".

So far, the only way to fix this problem is to roll back the Pixel 6A to a stable version of Android 12. It's important to note here that any beta software from Google comes with a disclaimer indicating that errors may occur because the system is (by definition) still being tested. This issue will most likely be fixed when phones receive the official version of Android 13 later this year.

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