Performance 2 times that of DLSS! AMD FSR 2.0 officially supports Xbox consoles

NVIDIA DLSS technology has been recognized by players and developers, AMD in order to fight against DLSS, has launched FSR 1.0, RSR and other technologies, the latest is FSR 2.0, known as game performance doubled, and the latest propaganda clearly points out that the performance of 2 times NVIDIA DLSS technology.

Two days ago, AMD officially announced that FSR 2.0 is open source, and the related resources are fully posted on the GPUOpen website, including apis, C++/HLSL source code, Cauldron examples, documentation, and more.

Now AMD has announced a major advance in FSR 2.0 support for Microsoft's Xbox console. It has opened UP GDKX for Xbox developers to support Xbox X, Xbox S, Xbox One and Windows desktop platforms.

AMD didn't mention SONY's PLAYSTATION console, though. It's possible that the two sides are still working on a deal. In theory, PS5, PS4 and other consoles will be able to use FSR 2.0 as well.

Major changes in AMD FSR 2.0:

  1. Changed from the original space scaling algorithm to a (relatively) better time scaling algorithm, combined with the optimized AA anti-aliasing algorithm, the picture quality is similar or better than the original game.
  2. The picture quality is better than FSR 1.0 at any level of picture quality and resolution.
  3. No specific ML machine learning hardware is required, such as the NVIDIA Tensor core, Intel XMX units.
  4. As long as the game supports, you can get performance improvement on almost any graphics card, not only including AMD's own history of graphics cards (including RX 6000, RX 5000, RX Vega, RX 400, Rayon APU), but also support NVIDIA, Intel graphics cards.

Author: King
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