Overseas users of xiaomi’s 12S series will be excluded

Yesterday evening, Xiaomi officially released its image flagship Mi 12S series in cooperation with Leica. After the meeting, some overseas media asked Xiaomi whether the series of products would be released globally.

In response, Xiaomi officials have said that "Xiaomi will offer the Mi 12S series exclusively in the Chinese mainland," which means that overseas users will not be able to access the series products.

But that's not to say xiaomi's partnership with Leica will end in the domestic market.

In response to the email, Xiaomi officials also mentioned that the future cooperation with Leica will not be limited to this series, but will be expanded to the global product line.

From this point of view, Xiaomi and Leica will not only cooperate with Xiaomi 12S series this time, but will likely bring leica image to more products in the future.

The Mi 12S series is xiaomi's latest flagship video product, and all three phones are powered by the Snapdragon 8+ processor.

Among them, The Mi 12S flagship small size flagship, in order to ensure performance at the same time has an IMX707 main camera, photographic performance is guaranteed.

The Mi 12S Pro is more balanced, with a better screen and battery life than the Mi 12S, which makes up for its shortcomings in photography and performance.

The Mi 12S Ultra is even more radical, with most of the same specs as the Mi 12S Pro, upgrading the IMX989 1-inch extra-large base main camera with 120X depth telephoto and 128° Ultra wide Angle lens, 5x optical zoom, Ultra wide Angle lens, night mode, Leica certified lens and Leica image support.

All three models of Xiaomi's 12S series have been put on shelves for pre-sale.

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