Overclocked version of Core i9-12900KS also has a hidden surprise: AVX512 instruction set is not neutered

Intel 12 generation Core processors in the chicken flagship Core i9-12900KS although not yet released, but has been stolen, some players have been in the e-commerce channels to buy, the price is up to $ 790, about 5,032 yuan, the country line price will only be more expensive.

Compared with the current Core i9-12900K processor, Core i9-12900KS belongs to the special pick high frequency version, the highest acceleration frequency can reach 5.5GHz, that is, the height of a single large core can reach, compared to the i9-12900K improved by 300MHz.

At the same time, the full acceleration frequency of the large core is 5.2GHz, a full 400MHz higher than that of the i9-12900K.

Coupled with the 8 large and 8 small 16 cores and 24 threads CPU architecture, the Core i9-12900KS is the king of its class in both single-core and multi-core performance, and is one of the most powerful gaming CPU contenders.

In addition, this processor has a hidden surprise, that is, the AVX512 instruction set, because Intel previously stated that future processors will directly physical blocking AVX512, and Core i9-12900KS belongs to the previous has been produced, now there is no physical blocking AVX512 support.

But to turn on the AVX512 instruction set is also a bit of trouble, theoretically supported, but most manufacturers have upgraded the BIOS to prohibit this feature, you need to look for those who can switch back to the old version of the BIOS motherboard to turn on AVX512.

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