OPPO five-axis anti-shake will be commercial : the effect is close to SLR

Today, the blogger @DigitalStation broke the news that OPPO will soon mass produce commercial five-axis suspension stabilization technology, the industry's first hardware-level five-axis stabilization technology, which is called the "cell phone stabilization ceiling.

This technology was previously showcased by OPPO at the Future Image Conference 2021, where it was the first time that the five-axis optical stabilization of a professional-grade camera was applied to a cell phone.

It is reported that OPPO's five-axis suspension stabilization technology can achieve five-axis anti-shake operation of pitch, pan, horizontal pan, vertical pan and rotation in a small body space.

The highest anti-shake range of horizontal and vertical translation can reach ±3°, which is 65% higher than the common OIS optical anti-shake capability, and the anti-shake accuracy is also increased to 3.5 times, bringing the anti-shake effect almost close to that of professional SLR cameras.

Specifically in the use of scenarios, OPPO five-axis levitation stabilization technology in the dark environment will be captured in the film rate increased by 70%.

What's more, in the night scene or sports capture and other special scenarios, OPPO five-axis motion stabilization with self-researched speed capture algorithm, can give full play to the maximum effectiveness of the lens stabilization and sensor stabilization.

Considering that this technology is the first commercial use, it is speculated that OPPO may apply it to the high-end flagship Find X series, not excluding the possibility of the first commercial use of Find X5 series.

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