Odyssey demonstrates iOS 15 jailbreak tool Cheyote

Odyssey today announced the iOS 15 jailbreak tool Cheyote, which supports jailbreaking on iOS 15.0-15.1.1. The Odyssey team, however, has only shown screenshots of the tool through their official Twitter account, and the tool is not currently available for download. Only the name of the tool is mentioned in the tweet, and the user interface looks modern.

For the jailbreak UI, the Odyssey team focused on various customization options, including themes and custom colors. Jailbreak-related options include system tuning, reverting To the original system, setting Nonce, logging window, and Go To Recovery. The Cheyote tool will install the Sileo package manager by default, but other major package managers such as Cydia and Zebra will also be available for download.

Via Twitter: https://twitter.com/CheyoteJB

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