Nubia Z40S Pro supports 120W fast charging

Nubia Z40S Pro, snapdragon 8+ flagship, will be launched at 14:00 on July 20.

Recently, the official is also constantly on the new machine in all aspects of the configuration of preheating, today's focus is the fast charge part.

Nubia announced that the new phone will be equipped with 120W fast charge, which can be fully charged in 19 minutes, which is currently the first level in the industry.

In addition, the previous 3C certification information shows that the machine also provides an additional 80W quick charge version optional, this version will increase the battery to 5000mAh, endurance will be significantly longer, users can choose different specifications according to their own needs.

It is worth mentioning that although the Nubia Z40S Pro crammed into the 5000mAh battery, but the thickness is only 8.05mm, Nubia said it may be the thintest 5000mAh straight screen flagship, taking into account the large battery and body.

Speaking of the screen is one of the big highlights of the machine, the Nubia Z40S Pro uses a right Angle border + straight screen design, the whole looks very competent, and the center hole + ultra narrow border screen effect is also very good.

As for the specs, the 6.67-inch screen, 144Hz high-brush and DC-like dimming, is one of the best straight-screen flagships out there.

Do you like the straight-screen flagship?

Author: King
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