New Windows Outlook application gains support for personal Microsoft accounts

Here's the good news for you who want to try the new Outlook application: you can now use it with your personal Microsoft account! Even better, individuals who are not part of the Insider program can try out the new Outlook via the leaked direct download file link for it at

It can be recalled that Microsoft officially announced the Beta channel for the new Outlook for Windows to Office Insiders back in May. Unfortunately, while this was exciting news for beta testers, some people were unable to use it because it was only allowed for business accounts at the time. However, with the new support for personal Microsoft accounts, the new Outlook has become much easier to use for everyone.

Trying the new Outlook itself is not very different from the Outlook on the web, due to the fact that it is web based. At first glance, you would think that the interface of both is almost the same, but the new Outlook actually comes with new content such as message alerts and a new calendar board. It also offers a Microsoft Loop component for seamless collaboration between Outlook and your team. And, if you want to get your settings from Classic Outlook, that's also possible.

On the other hand, while it already works with personal Microsoft accounts, using it for third-party email accounts is still not possible. The good news is that the company has made it very clear that it has this in mind for the future. In a May announcement post, Gabriel Valdez Malpartida, senior product marketing manager for Microsoft's Outlook team, listed a number of features and functionality that Microsoft is developing, planning and investigating. Some of these are multi-account, offline and third-party account support for Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud and other IMAP accounts.

Microsoft has big plans for the new Outlook, which includes being a replacement for the Windows 11 Mail and Calendar applications. However, it will still be a long journey for the Outlook team given that there are still many features to consider and work on.

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