New Progress in China Mobile’s Satellite Communication: Successful Development of Starborne Core Network

Following the Huawei Mate 50 series "pierce the sky", the cell phone directly connected to the satellite communication, the cell phone industry has become a cutting-edge hot function.

Even now Huawei, glory a variety of new machines have realized the satellite call function, based on China Telecom's Tiantong satellite to achieve, which is also the only domestic operators in orbit satellite call system.

However, China Mobile has also been vigorously research and development of satellite communications, and recently made new progress towards the star regeneration mode jointly developed a successful star core network and "star system", and complete the whole star ground test and space environment adaptability test.

According to the official introduction of China Mobile, cell phone communication technology is always evolving and iterative. From 1G to 2G, 3G, 4G, and now 5G, followed by 5.5G (also called 5G-A), and then 6G.

Now 5.5G has completed the demonstration construction in many areas of the country, and this year it is planned to commercialize the 5G-A three-carrier aggregation terminal on a large scale.

One of the core technologies of 5.5G and 6G is the "one heaven and one earth" communication network.

Eventually, the satellite Internet and terrestrial communication networks will be integrated in all aspects, and we will be able to realize the connection in any corner of the earth, including remote areas, deserts, oceans, mountains, skies and other three-dimensional space - making phone calls, sending text messages, and surfing the Internet.

This ubiquitous "ubiquitous connection", is the future of the Internet of everything network foundation, the current need to tackle is the construction of satellite communications network.

China Mobile has adopted the 3GPP NTN technology direction of the star regeneration architecture, so that the satellite in addition to signal amplification, with modulation / demodulation, encoding / decoding, switching, routing and other processing capabilities.

Such a satellite has part or all of the base station function, like the ground base station, each other through the interstellar link, it can form a satellite communication network.

China Mobile measured on-board regeneration mode, the downlink rate of the satellite core network can reach 5Mbps, the uplink rate can reach 1Mbps, the on-board forwarding rate of 230Mbps, the on-board forwarding delay is less than 1ms, the performance is in line with expectations.

It will be further optimized and verified in orbit, and can provide broadband services for public cell phones and industry terminals.

Author: King
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