New feature introduced in iOS 16: the ability to quickly create 3D floor plans

On iOS 16, Apple introduced RoomPlan, a new Swift API that uses iPhone and iPad cameras and LiDAR to quickly create 3D floor plans of rooms, according to the company's website.

According to the introduction, users can use real-time room creation in interior design, architecture, real estate, e-commerce and other fields. This application will help customers simplify design and planning and increase efficiency.

In addition, the Scanned files of RoomPlan are output in USD or USDZ file format, which include the dimensions of each component identified in the room, such as wall or cabinet, as well as various detected home types.

The exported files are compatible with professional software such as Cinema 4D, Shapr3D or AutoCAD, allowing you to adjust the size and position of each component.

Note that Apple officially recommends using the app in a single room with at least 50 Lux of light. Mirrors, glass, and high ceilings may also interfere with the tool's measurement accuracy.

In addition, this application requires the hardware of the device to have lidar capability. Apple introduced lidar scanners in the 2020 iPad Pro and iPhone 12 Pro.

Lidar can fire lasers and calculate the time it takes for the light to return to the sensor to accurately measure the distance between the device and the object, thus detecting the size and shape of an object or indoor environment.

Author: King
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