Musk acquisition of Twitter has a strange use! Ban negative ads promoting Tesla

Tesla CEO Musk, who previously bought Twitter for $44 billion (about 322 billion), has been taking over the company for over a week.

Musk had said he wanted to make Twitter a public platform with maximum trust and broad inclusion, however this is not the case.

Twitter recently mentioned on its support page a global ban on promoting specific ads, including negative ads about Tesla.

musk acquisition of twitter has a strange use ban negative ads promoting tesla

O'Dowd, a Tesla critic, said Twitter rejected one of his anti-Tesla ads for violating the company's "ad ban" and that O'Dowd was only criticizing Tesla's Fully Self-Driving (FSD) feature in the tweet.

O'Dowd later said in a statement that Twitter's ban on posting content critical of Tesla's fully autonomous driving software raised serious questions about his commitment to free speech on Twitter.

In addition, a growing number of brands such as food company General Mills, Oreo maker Yizi International, Pfizer and Volkswagen's Audi have suspended advertising on the platform as a result of Musk's presence.

musk acquisition of twitter has a strange use ban negative ads promoting tesla 1

These companies want to further observe the new leadership's moves and Musk's possible changes to the Twitter content review mechanism, which they fear will lead to a loss of users on the platform.

Meanwhile, Musk also tweeted that despite Twitter's "all-time high" in user growth, its advertising revenue has suffered a "significant" decline.

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