MIUI 13.5 Logo exposure

Today, a data discoverer found the Logo of MIUI 13.5 in the official code of Xiaomi. Similar to the design idea of MIUI 12.5, the new Logo is a redesign on the basis of MIUI 13.

Comparing the two logos, it is easy to see that the main change of MIUI 13.5 Logo is in the number "3", the new logo removes the slash and overlapping part of the "3", making the logo look more concise and more like the number The new logo has removed the slash and overlapping parts of the "3", making the logo look more concise and more like the number "5".

In addition, the new logo also fine-tunes the number "1" in the original MIUI 13 Logo, and the new design is slimmer, perhaps to visually match the new number "3".

In terms of color, old users may notice that the logo uses the same gradient color scheme of MIUI 11, which may mean that some of the features of MIUI 11 will return in MIUI 13.5.

Judging from the performance of MIUI 12.5, the upcoming MIUI 13.5 should be a version update between MIUI 13 and MIUI 14, which will be optimized on the basis of MIUI 13 and bring a lot of new features.

At present, there is no news to determine the specific update time of MIUI 13.5, but since we have been able to discover the information including Logo, the new version should not be far away.

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