Microsoft’s quiet update: OneDrive can finally be uninstalled

Recently, Microsoft quietly updated the official method to turn off, disable, and uninstall OneDrive, the software that comes with Windows.

Microsoft Windows comes with a lot of software and features, many of which we may never use.

But still, these software can only stay in the C disk of the computer to occupy the position for nothing, because Microsoft does not provide the option of uninstalling or deleting them.

OneDrive, the personal disk launched by Microsoft, most of them may not have been used, but the good thing is that now Microsoft has made concessions, you can uninstall OneDrive.

According to Microsoft's official introduction, users want to uninstall OneDrive, you can open the "apps" in the settings, and then search for "Microsoft OneDrive", and finally click "Uninstall! and finally click "Uninstall" to complete.

In addition to OneDrive, Microsoft 365, Xbox live, LinkedIn and other infrequently used applications can also be uninstalled.

In January of this year, Microsoft pushed out the KB5034203 update, after installing the update, users can uninstall all the pre-installed software, but only supports users in Europe.

Via Microsoft

Author: King
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