Microsoft’s free software Designer began internal testing

Last month, Microsoft announced that it would launch the image processing software "Designer", and made it clear that it would take Adobe, the "king" in the field of graphic design, as its main competitor.

Now, Designer officially opened a small range of internal testing.

From the outflow of software screenshots, Designer and Adobe Photoshop such as professional image editing software, giving more templates and prefabricated items, parameter adjustment is also more intuitive, which makes it a lower threshold, more convenient for newcomers to use.

microsofts free software designer began internal testing

At the same time, this also allows users of Designer to use templates directly for rapid design processing, so as to generate images that can be used in social media.

According to Microsoft, the software will also be integrated with OpenAI's artificial intelligence "Dell-E 2", so users only need to enter text commands, and the software will be able to automatically design corresponding patterns.

This further reduces the entry barrier of Designer, so that it has a broader audience than traditional image processing software.

It is reported that Microsoft plans to Designer as part of the Office family bucket, in the launch of the free version at the same time, for Microsoft 365 subscribers to provide high-end version.

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