Microsoft’s free antivirus Defender loses 0.5 points, falls out of full ranking of antivirus

There are so many antivirus software around the world, which ones are the best performers? If you want to know, you can take a look at AV-Test's antivirus rankings, they are usually updated once a month, the latest April test Microsoft's free antivirus software Defender less than 0.5 points, causing it to fall out of the full list.

AV-Test is a world-renowned network security organization, their antivirus ranking is a lot of antivirus must compete, mainly divided into protection, performance and availability, the first two are well understood, they so-called availability refers to the problem of false positives of antivirus, which is also an important indicator of the quality of antivirus, too many false positives will also affect the user experience, used Microsoft Defender users know.

Each of these three indicators is 6 points out of a total of 18 points, more than 10 points will be able to get the AV-Test badge certification, more than 17.5 points will be awarded the "TOP PRODUCT" medal.

In April's list, there were few changes in the results of each antivirus, but it is worth noting that Microsoft's Defender antivirus lost 0.5 points in protection, with a total score of 17.5 points.

Don't underestimate this 0.5 points, in the past few months Microsoft Defender has been 18 points full level, and other first-line antivirus, now lost 0.5 points, to be lower than Kaba, small red umbrella, AVG and other antivirus.

But for domestic users, AV-Test's antivirus ranking is just a look, these international antivirus software in the domestic market is almost nothing, because they are mainly antivirus software, a variety of domestic housekeepers and security guards not to mention the strength of antivirus ability, to attract users has long been free + a variety of clean-up features, the significance of a big difference.

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