Microsoft’s core source code stolen by hackers Officials confirm that it does exist

Released Monday night by the "Lapsus$" hacking group, a 9GB zip file is available for external download. The package is said to contain more than 250 internal projects of Microsoft Corporation.

Microsoft responded to the missing core code of its own products by saying that after an investigation, it was discovered that some of the source code of some of the company's products had been stolen by hackers.

The data allegedly came from Microsoft's Azure DevOps server.

Early Sunday morning, Lapsus$ posted a screenshot on its Telegram channel showing that they had broken into Microsoft's Azure DevOps server, which contains the source code for Bing, Cortana and numerous other internal projects.

The security researchers say the uncompressed 37GB collection does appear to be Microsoft's source code. Some projects also include emails and documentation for Microsoft engineers to publish applications. These projects are geared toward Web-based infrastructure, Web sites or mobile applications and do not have source code for Microsoft desktop software, including Windows, Windows Server and Microsoft Office.

As previously reported, Lapsus$ obtained 1 terabyte of NV data, including drivers, schematics or firmware information, and also obtained source code related to the operation of Samsung Galaxy devices. These intrusions to steal data have been officially confirmed by NV, Samsung.

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