Microsoft Windows Notepad is getting a major update! Introduces spell check, auto error correction

According to media reports, Microsoft is about to make a major update to its Notepad app in Windows 10 and Windows 11 to bring spell checking and auto error correction features to users.

Sources reveal that Microsoft has started inviting a handful of Windows Insider Program members to participate in testing the new version of the Notepad app.

This new version will feature the ability to highlight misspelled words and provide suggestions for correcting them, not only that, but users will also have the option to turn on the option to have Notepad automatically correct misspellings, which greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of document editing.

In addition to these features, Microsoft has also added a brand new option in the settings that allows users to freely choose the file formats to which spell checking applies, and the current list of presets includes a range of common formats such as txt, md, srt, ass, lrc and lic.

This also means that users can enjoy spell checking and automatic error correction in different file types, except that Microsoft has not yet revealed whether it will support the ability to customize the addition of other file formats in the future.

Author: King
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