Microsoft Win11 important update: support PC wireless call phone, tablet camera

Recently Microsoft officially announced that Windows 11 Preview is now able to invoke the camera function of Android phones or tablets.

Users can wirelessly apply the high-quality camera of their mobile devices to their PCs to experience a more flexible and convenient video experience.

According to the report, all video programs on Windows 11 PCs can use the camera of the phone or tablet, and also supports switching between front and rear cameras.

To use this feature, you need to have Android 9.0 or higher installed on your mobile device and the "Link to Windows" app version 1.24012 or higher.

Then you can go to "Bluetooth and Devices" > "Mobile Devices" in Windows 11 settings, select "Manage Devices" and allow your computer to access your Android phone. Android phone.

For Windows 11 users, this feature is undoubtedly very useful, not only to solve the need to use the camera on the PC but do not have the embarrassment, but also to solve the camera but poor picture quality, angle limitations and other issues.

Author: King
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