Microsoft releases Win11 Canary 26063.1 update: adds Wi-Fi 7 support

Today, Microsoft released the Windows 11 Build 26063.1 preview update to Canary channel Insider members, adding Wi-Fi 7 support and 16 AI features, among other things.

In the update introduction, Microsoft said:

Windows previews for the Canary and Dev channels now add support for Wi-Fi 7, a revolutionary technology that delivers unprecedented speed, reliability, and efficiency to your wireless devices.

With Wi-Fi 7, you can enjoy gigabit speeds on your Windows PCs, experiencing speeds up to four times faster than Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E and nearly six times faster than Wi-Fi 5.

You can also dramatically reduce latency, which improves responsiveness and performance for real-time activities such as gaming and videoconferencing, but note that performance may vary by manufacturer and hardware device capabilities.

Meanwhile Microsoft Copilot has also gained 16 new features on top of the existing 13 skills, notably, users can now automate tasks with Power Automate Desktop.

Additionally Microsoft has temporarily disabled the widget panel, which was reinstated after fixing the bug.

Author: King
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