Microsoft releases HDR calibration app for Windows 11

Microsoft is betting big on HDR in Windows 11, and this week released the Windows HDR Calibration application for the Windows 11 operating system. Microsoft will soon release the software through the Microsoft Store channel, and those who are interested can experience the three different test modes at that time.

Microsoft explained that although some models of monitors have been factory calibrated, the new tool helps determine if everything is OK.

First, Windows HDR Calibration attempts to determine the lowest level of dark detail visible to the user.

Next, the software measures the visibility of detail at the highest brightness. The application then runs a test to determine the brightness of the user's display.

Microsoft says that they heard feedback and demand from users and knew that a number of people were frustrated with this aspect of their experience and asked for the Xbox HDR game calibration app to be brought to the Windows platform.

In the near future, you'll be able to improve the color accuracy and consistency of your HDR display with the upcoming Windows HDR Calibration app.

If you're already in Windows Insider Dev, you may have noticed the new [HDR Display Calibration] option in [System → Display → HDR Settings].

However, since the application is still in the early access stage, most users won't be able to get the same experience for now.

Author: King
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