Microsoft plans to change the default command tool CMD to Terminal

Since the Windows era, the CMD command line has been following the system. I believe that many computer veterans still remember the CMD command line, such as: dir, md, fdisk, format, and other classics. Although Windows is now in the WYSIWYG interface, some operations still cannot avoid the command line, but in the latest internal beta version of Win11, Microsoft has begun to change the default command tool to: Terminal.

The Insider preview version of Windows 11 Build 25188 has been released in the development channel. Starting from this version, user input command line commands will not call CMD, nor will Powershell be called, and Windows Terminal is enabled by default.

microsoft plans to change the default command tool cmd to terminal

For users who like toss and personalities, Windows Terminal provides unlimited customization settings, background images, color schemes, fonts, key bindings, etc. can be changed almost anywhere, every Windows, WSL, SSH Profiles are also all customizable.

Windows Terminal is open source, the source code has been published on GitHub, and we especially listen to the feedback from the community, and absorb the contributions of many community members, such as the background image supports gif animation, the retro effect of imitating the classic CRT display, etc.

So no matter whether you are a rookie or a veteran, you don't have to worry about operation problems at all, because Terminal completely inherits the functions of CMD and has more functions, so you don't have to worry about the ease of use.

Author: King
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