Microsoft officially announces merger of Windows and Surface divisions

Microsoft has officially appointed, Pavan Davuluri as the new head of the Windows and Surface team.

Last year, Microsoft's "father of Surface" Panos Panay left Microsoft, Microsoft split the Windows and Surface team, led by two executives.

Pavan Davuluri took over the Surface chips and devices, while Mikhail Parakhin to focus on Windows and web experience.

Now the Windows and Surface teams are converging again, both to be headed by Davuluri, as Parakhin "decided to explore new roles."

"This will allow us to take a holistic approach to building chips, systems, experiences, and devices across Windows clients and the cloud for this age of AI." Rajesh Jha, head of experience and devices at Microsoft, said in an internal memo.

Pavan Davuluri will reportedly report directly to Rajesh Jha.

Davuluri has been with Microsoft for more than 23 years and has been deeply involved in the company's work with Qualcomm and AMD, including projects such as custom Surface processors.

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