Microsoft official Win11 beta mechanism changes

Today, Microsoft officially announced that the Windows Insider Beta channel will be split into two separate branches to selectively test new features in the 22H2 version of Windows 11.

After the overhaul, some test users will receive the version 22621 update as usual, which will not include new test features. Some users will receive updates in the 22622.x range that enable the latest features.

The change was designed to test the feasibility of pushing updates normally when certain features are turned off, and to separate control groups to ensure more detailed data is available before rolling out new features on a large scale.

Currently, Microsoft has released a new Beta update for the Beta channel, which is divided into two versions: 22622.290 with new features and 22621.290 with new features closed.

In 22622.290, Win11 added selected text operation suggestions, when the user selected the date and other information, Win11 will automatically create events and other suggestions.

It is worth mentioning that some users found that 22622.290 and 22621.290 package itself is actually the same, only the default open content is different.

This means that hidden features previously turned on through third-party tools will still work after Microsoft changes its testing mechanism.

Author: King
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