Microsoft Official License! Apple’s latest M3 Macs can also install Win11

An official announcement from Microsoft today says that with both versions of virtual machine software Parallels Desktop 18 and 19, users can use Windows 11 on Apple's latest M3 chip Mac devices.

Microsoft said that Parallels Desktop 18 and 19 can now create virtual machines to run Windows 11 for Arm on Mac computers with Apple's latest M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max chips.

It is understood that Parallels is the first officially licensed by Microsoft can be on Apple Mac devices, running Windows system virtual machine software, can be simulated under the Mac at the same time running Win, Linux, Android and other operating systems and software.

Meanwhile, the latest version of Parallels Desktop 19 (PD19) also perfectly supports the latest macOS Sonoma, Ventura and Windows 11/Win10 as well as CentOS, Ubuntu and so on.

PD19 also supports OpenGL 4.1 with DirectX 11, which can dramatically improve speed and 3D game graphics performance; however, due to certain limitations of Windows 11 for Arm, it may not be able to run hardware, games, and applications that rely on DirectX 12.

And on Mac devices with M1, M2, and M3 series chips, users will not be able to install and use 32-bit Arm apps in the App Store.

Author: King
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