Microsoft Office internal testing of new features: Word / PPT can be directly into the phone

In recent time, Microsoft is consciously improving the data connectivity between Win11 and cell phones, so as to enhance the convenience of the system.

To this end, Microsoft has launched a new version of Phone Link application, Drop function of Edge, and Live Hotspot function which has just been tested.

Now, Microsoft has optimized and adjusted the web-based Office.

Now, after connecting your phone to your computer via Phone Link, open a Web-based Word or PowerPoint (PPT) file, and find Insert > Pictures > Mobile Devices in the right-click menu to import pictures from your phone directly into the document.


In addition, users will also be able to replace existing images in documents with images from within the phone.

Currently, the feature is still in beta, and according to Microsoft officials, it will only be officially released after some time.

Author: King
Copyright: PCPai.COM

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