Microsoft is deeply binding Windows 11 to Android 12

Microsoft, for its part, is beefing up the integration of Windows 11 with Android, which, after all, could complement its weak mobile app strategy.

Today, the Windows Subsystem for Android update to 2204.40000.15.0 introduces several major improvements. In this update, Microsoft has updated the underlying engine to Android 12.1. That is, Windows 11 devices will be able to use Google's latest version of Android.

When you upgrade to Android 12.1, you won't immediately notice a change; more details will be announced later. However, this change could cause some apps to crash when they start up, and Microsoft is working to fix it.

Microsoft is improving the integration between Android apps and Windows 11. For example, taskbar ICONS can now show applications in the system tray that are using the microphone, location, and other system services.

Also, if you use Windows 11's Autohide taskbar, you'll see that Android apps can now hide/display correctly. One more change ensures that Android toast is reflected as A Windows notification on Windows 11, and that the title of an Android activity is also highlighted in the app's window.

WSA was previously based on Android 11, but has been upgraded to Android 12.1 (also known as Android 12L) in the latest version. This means that if you have a non-Pixel phone, the desktop version of Android is higher than the phone you have.

The update also includes improvements to the way Android apps integrate with Windows. App pop-up messages may now appear as Windows notifications, and the taskbar will be able to show whether an Android app is accessing your microphone or location. The company also says Android apps should perform better after you wake up your computer from standby. They don't reboot, but revert to the way they left it.

Microsoft also said it had completely redesigned the Settings app you use to manage Windows Subsystem for Android, grouping Settings and providing a "fully clean user experience." It also makes various improvements to how Android apps access your computer's camera and even improves web functionality, so you can set up smart home devices using Android apps running on your computer.

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