Microsoft introduces a new group policy: allowing companies to disable IE time at their own discretion

Earlier this year, Microsoft officially stopped supporting Internet Explorer and started directing users to the new Chromium-based Edge browser.

Recently, Microsoft issued an announcement that companies can use a special group policy called "Disable IE" to more freely control the "retirement process" of IE.

microsoft introduces a new group policy allowing companies to disable ie time at their own discretion

It is reported that this strategy can allow users to set the transition time of IE according to their own schedule, and specify exactly when IE will be completely disabled in the system environment.

At first glance, the introduction of this group policy means that Microsoft is compromising corporate users to allow them to continue to use IE, but a little research into the rationale of the "Disable IE" group policy shows that this is not the case.

The "Disable IE" group policy doesn't actually extend the deactivation time of IE, its only effect is to force all requests to be redirected to the Ddge browser, while completely removing the IE 11 icon.

This means that what the Group Policy actually does is allow companies to abandon IE ahead of time, rather than extend the life of IE in any way.

Author: King
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