Microsoft confirms Windows 11 24H2 upgrade is coming

According to a Microsoft support document, the Windows 11 24H2 update is being prepared under the codename "Hudson Valley".

The Windows 11 24H2 update is likely to be finalized and pushed out by the end of the third quarter or early fourth quarter of this year, or more precisely in September-October.

The exact content of the update is uncertain at the moment, and will probably focus on and enhance AI, such as a new version of Copilot that is being developed to better sense and respond to the environment in which it is being used, as well as tighter integration with other application services, such as the ability to use Copilot to read information from an Android phone.

But this has nothing to do with us ......

Speaking of which, many may ask where is the new generation of Windows 12, which is claimed to be all about AI?

Currently there is a view that Microsoft, after some recent reorganization, may change its strategy, a short period of time still continue to use Windows 11, when to change to Windows 12 may depend on the follow-up, the earliest will have to 2025.

Of course, what to call it is at Microsoft's whim, and may change at any time, when it also said that it would continue to upgrade Windows 10, there will be no more Windows 11 it.

Author: King
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