Microsoft admits 22H2 version copy large files performance degradation

Recently, Microsoft pushed out the 22H2 update for all Win11 users. As the first major update of the new system, 22H2 is rightly of great concern to users.

Microsoft, not surprisingly, still has some bugs in the stable version that can be described as "rollover".

Recently, Ned Pyle, the lead program manager of Microsoft's Windows Server Engineering Group, posted an article in the technical community, admitting that the Win11 22H2 update has the problem of performance degradation of large file copies.

According to Ned's description, users running the updated 22H2 system may experience a 40% reduction in data throughput via SMB when copying files of several GB or larger, but the problem does not exist with older versions of the system.

Meanwhile, it has been tested that this bug is not exclusive to SMB, users may also experience performance degradation when copying local files.

Currently, Microsoft is investigating and trying to come up with a fix for the bug, and users who have been affected can use Robocopy or xcopy with the /J parameter to recover lost performance.

Author: King
Copyright: PCPai.COM

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