MediaTek’s debut “Breaking through the Dark Zone” mobile terminal hardware level light pursuit realistic picture quality: clear light and dark, soft shadows

Ray tracing has become commonplace on desktop platforms, and now mobile phones are available!

Recently, MediaTek released a new generation of flagship mobile platform, Dimensity 9200, which is the first to introduce Arm Immortalis-G715 GPU. Its performance is 32% higher than that of the previous generation, and its power consumption is reduced by 41%. The mobile terminal first supports hardware level ray tracing, and mobile games usher in a new revolution.

Now that the hardware is available, let's watch the game. At present, MediaTek is cooperating with game developers to promote the landing of mobile optical pursuit. The "Breakthrough in the Dark Zone" under Tencent Rubik's Cube Studio will be the first to taste.

mediateks debut breaking through the dark zone mobile terminal hardware level light pursuit realistic picture quality clear light and dark soft shadows

Today, MediaTek released a comparison of the effects of light chasing technology based on Tianji 9200 chip in Breakthrough in the Dark Zone.

After opening, it can be seen that through the close cooperation between MediaTek and Tencent's production team of the game "Breakthrough in the Dark Zone", the excellent mobile light tracking and landing results were displayed on Dimensity 9200. In terms of shadow, reflection, ambient light shielding and other game effects, it has brought amazing picture quality effects. The object and ambient light effects are brighter and more real. The light and dark distribution is more consistent with the characteristics of the real world, so as to create a hard The monotonous shadows also become natural and clear.

However, the video does not show the change of game frame rate after light chase is turned on.


According to MediaTek, in close cooperation with Tencent's game production team, the two sides laid out in advance and jointly developed the application of mobile ray tracing technology in games, deeply polished game engine optimization, pipeline optimization and other aspects, so as to present realistic ray tracing content effects.

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