MediaTek Dimensity 8100-MAX is coming! One plus Ace world premiere broadcast

Today, Jack Li, President of OnePlus China, announced the world premiere of MediaTek's Tiangui 8100-MAX chip for OnePlus Ace.

Li Jie said, "The Tiangui 8100-MAX is a deeply customized and tuned chip by the OnePlus team in conjunction with MediaTek, which has all the features of the Tiangui 8100 "God U", and further significantly improves its capabilities in the following three areas.

1, game frame rate stability is greatly improved.

2, AI computing power is greatly improved.

3, night video noise reduction ability is greatly improved.

The official said, one plus the HyperEngine 5.0 and HyperBoost these two chip bottom level game optimization technology for deep integration and redevelopment, game frame rate more stable, one plus Ace in the frame rate stability is greatly better than the industry.

Not only that, thanks to the integration of AI technology capabilities from both sides, the AI arithmetic power of the Tiangui 8100-MAX has increased significantly, and the AI run score mapped by BenchMrak ranks second among all Android models, giving the OnePlus Ace a significant lead in AI processing power.

What's more, the One Plus Ace has made targeted technical tackles specifically for user pain point scenes night video shooting, making its night video noise reduction capability significantly better.

The machine will be officially released in China on April 21.

Author: King
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