Low end RDNA 2 ‘Navi 24’ graphics card -Radeon RX 6300 May be released

Phoronix's Michael Larabel reports that AMD may be preparing another low-end RDNA 2 'Navi 24' graphics card, the Radeon RX 6300. In AMD's updated Linux 5.19 kernel code, the new Beige Goby SKU (called device ID 0x7424) was introduced in the new AMDGPU commit.

The Radeon RX 6500 XT

The Radeon RX 6400

This ID has never been on the market before, so you can tell that the SKU is new to AMD.

The product uses the Beige Goby GPU codename because the device ID matches the same number layout as a similar GPU under the same name. The product line is the same low-cost, low-level Navi 24 GPU as AMD's RX 6400 and RX 6500 XT. There is speculation that the new SKU could be an update to the two graphics cards mentioned by the company, with slightly lower performance than the RX 6400 series. The new GPU will also be AMD's third standalone graphics card based on Navi 24.

Specifications for the new Radeon RX 6000 graphics card with Navi 24 GPU are not listed. AMD, however, made a mobile version of the RX 6300M, presumably compatible with the unreleased graphics card. AMD's RX 6300M is currently the lowest RX 6000 series GPU, similar to the company's integrated GPU Radeon 680M for laptops.

The AMD RX 6300M has a core number of 768, similar to the RX 6400. The main differences compared to the card's memory bandwidth are clock speed and unlimited cache size. The RX 6300M produces a game clock up to 1512 MHz, which cannot be overclocked. Memory bandwidth could reach 64 GB/s, providing 2 GB of capacity, and unlimited cache size was 8MB, very low by today's standards.

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