Lenovo moto X50 Ultra AI phone launched

Lenovo has announced that the Lenovo moto X50 Ultra AI phone will be the first to be powered by the third-generation Snapdragon 8s mobile platform, bringing users the "sweet spot experience" of AI + performance.

From the naming point of view, the main function of Lenovo moto X50 Ultra AI phone is "AI".

Want to carry AI technology, on the one hand, the phone needs to be able to provide enough AI arithmetic in hardware, and this time Lenovo moto X50 Ultra chose Qualcomm's third-generation Snapdragon 8s mobile platform.

It is reported that the main features of the third generation Snapdragon 8s in terms of AI include 10 billion parameters, support for powerful terminal-side generative AI functions, and support for the current mainstream Baichuan-7B, Gemini Nano, Llama 2, and Wisdom Spectrum ChatGLM and other large language models.

In addition, AI phones also need AI function experience to empower, currently based on AI technology, moto has realized a new AI energy efficiency dynamic scheduling.

For video, games, reading, navigation and other common user scenarios, moto's AI energy efficiency dynamic scheduling further improves the phone's battery life management and reduces body heat under the basis of guaranteeing the smoothness of the scene.

As a new generation of AI phones, Lenovo moto X50 Ultra's performance is worth looking forward to.

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