Lenovo Legion Y90 real machine first exposure : RGB Logo

Today, Lenovo Legion has released an official video showing the design of the back of the Legion Y90.

We can clearly see a "Y"-shaped light-emitting Logo, it is reported that the RGB breathing lights that make up this Logo have 262144 colorways and 5 light effect modes, which is quite special in terms of visual perception.

In addition, the Legion Y90 has a symmetrical design with a slightly raised center back and side bezels with fan vents. According to the product manager, the Legion Y90 feels comfortable in the hand and has a very slight central bump.

Previously, Lenovo had announced the screen parameters of the Legion Y90.

The Legion Y90 is designed without openings and features a 6.92-inch full-screen with a Samsung E4 light-emitting material AMOLED screen with 1080p resolution 144Hz high refresh rate, HDR enhanced display support, screen multi-finger touch sampling rate up to 720Hz, and anti-blue light certification.

The Legion Y90 is expected to be equipped with the flagship Snapdragon 8 chip, officially released in early 2022.

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