Lei Jun lead Xiaomi 12 Ultra: Not good never release!

Officially, though, xiaomi has been keeping mum, but it has been widely acknowledged that the model it will release in July will be this year's extra-large flagship, the Mi 12 Ultra.

This morning, Lei Jun also cryptically preheated for the new machine, Posting a micro blog said: 8475 mass production machine, there will be "small surprise".

8475 is the name of the Snapdragon 8+ chip, and the production device mentioned here is almost certainly the Mi 12 Ultra.

It's worth noting that lei jun's micro blog has been replaced with a "Mi phone" instead of the original Mi 12, which means he's already using the latest Mi 12 Ultra.

In addition, Lei jun also said that Xiaomi's engineering team has been adjusting the Snapdragon 8+ for a long time, and it will not be released until it is properly adjusted.

According to wang Xiang of Xiaomi Group, Xiaomi and Qualcomm have been coordinating for several months, and the new platform has a very beautiful power consumption performance, achieving a double breakthrough in performance power consumption. This should result in very impressive performance and is worth looking forward to.

The mi 12 Ultra front is a continuation of the mi 12 series' overall design, featuring a hyperboloid with a hole in the center. The overall bezel control is excellent, and the chin is only slightly thicker, giving it an almost equal width on all four sides, with a high screen ratio.

As for screen quality, the Mi 12 Pro is already equipped with a top-notch OLED LTPO adaptive refresh rate screen and supports 2K resolution, and the new phone should continue at least this specification, if not higher.

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