KFC opens website to offer free burgers in ultra-high definition

As a part of corporate culture promotion, KFC has announced the opening of a special website to provide free burgers ultra-high definition pictures, the basic pixel 4 million to start with, up to 500 million pixels, really is the meat silk will appear.

KFC burger super high-definition picture station:


According to KFC, although its burger pictures are often "stolen", but KFC does not care about copyright issues, but the poor pixel of the stolen pictures lead to a complete lack of appetite, in order to put an end to this phenomenon, KFC simply provide free burger ultra-high definition pictures, intended to make customers look after the appetite.

It is reported that the minimum 4 million pixels to start with, the highest resolution of the ultra-high-definition burger picture to 26,861 x 18,898, that is, more than 500 million pixels, want to enjoy such a large picture to have a good computer, because this picture in the PS open need to consume up to 6.6GB of memory.

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