Join two years Xiaomi former vice president Chang Cheng responded to the departure

Last night, according to Sina Technology reports, Xiaomi announced through internal documents, the former group vice president, Xiaomi phone product department general manager Chang Cheng left.

This morning, Chang Cheng said through a microblogging article, thanks to Xiaomi, two years to personally experience the power of the Xiaomi model, but also made a group of young friends who like the product, love the product. I sincerely wish me rice to go forward, the starry sea. Go.

According to the content of the relevant internal documents of Xiaomi, Chang Cheng left mainly for personal reasons, Xiaomi thanked Chang Cheng for his contribution to the company in the past two years. After Chang Cheng's departure, Zeng Xuezhong, president of the cell phone department, will also serve as general manager of Xiaomi's cell phone product department.

Information shows that Chang Cheng joined Xiaomi in January 2020, after serving as vice president of Lenovo Group and head of cell phone business. After joining Xiaomi from Lenovo, the controversy over the non-compete agreement was once triggered.

In October 2020, the Labor Dispute Arbitration Commission announced its decision on the case of "former Lenovo vice president Chang Cheng jumping into Xiaomi", which stated that Chang Cheng would continue to fulfill his non-compete obligations and pay 5.25 million yuan in liquidated damages for violating his non-compete obligations.

In response, Chang Cheng's lawyer issued a statement that he would file a lawsuit in court against the ruling, which is not effective according to law.

It is worth mentioning that, according to Shell Finance, when asked about the reason for jumping to Xiaomi, Chang Cheng said that he agreed that "cell phone + AIoT" is the future direction. Chang Cheng said, in China and even in the world, Xiaomi is the creator and leader of "cell phone + AIoT", "this is probably the main consideration."

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