Japanese retailers broke the news that the new model PS5 will be released in mid-September: weight reduction

Japanese retailer GEO recently announced that a new model of PS5 console will be released in Japan on September 15. This is not the first time that a new model of PS5 console has been released, and this time the CFI-1200 model again allows the PS5 console to reduce the weight by 300 grams, resulting in a new PS5 disc version of the console in weight comparable to the original PS5 digital version of the console, only 3.9 kg.

japanese retailers broke the news that the new model ps5 will be released in mid september weight reduction

In addition to the weight reduction, we do not expect to see hardware performance changes on this model update. Sony's approach to reducing the weight of the PS5 is speculated to be a change in the material of the parts, in addition to a media analysis of the internal silicone panels of the console has a tendency to get thinner over time, meaning that the company may use less raw materials to make more game consoles.

Another result of the weight reduction is the reduction in shipping costs, which is likely to allow Sony to maintain the price of PS5, although they recently announced that the price of PS5 consoles in some countries will need to be increased.

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