It has been revealed that the iPhone 14 will have a Built-in Beidou navigation chip

According to various sources, the iPhone 14 series will be released as scheduled in September this year. There will be four models. Currently, the design has been basically finalized, and component suppliers will start shipping next month.

According to previous reports, the iPhone 14 series features a fringe screen, an A16 chip, a 48-megapixel main camera and a number of hardware upgrades.

It's also worth mentioning that in addition to these "external" upgrades that ordinary users will notice, the iPhone 14 will also bring a big "internal" upgrade, with some recent Revelations that it will have a Built-in Beidou chip to support China's homegrown navigation and positioning system.

In July last year, China announced the completion of the Global Beidou Navigation and positioning satellite system. The Beidou 3 has a global positioning accuracy of 10 meters, a speed measurement accuracy of 0.2 meters per second, a timing accuracy of 20 nanoseconds and a service availability of 99 percent.

Beidou positioning has become necessary in some vehicles and mobile phones in China, which has higher accuracy than GPS and other positioning systems before.

It should be noted that Apple has already added support for Beidou when the iPhone 12 was released, and it seems that the iPhone 14 series will probably continue to support Beidou as well.

Taken together, after nearly two years to replace qualcomm baseband, iPhone for signal, 5 g, positioning performance got a boost, positioning with past, often without service scenario also gradually disappear, before filling the big board, the coupled with no changes in the bang, etc, on almost is one of the biggest iPhone X times since the upgrade, Very much to look forward to.

However, it should be noted that at present, people in the supply chain at home and abroad have suggested that iPhone 14 series will raise the price of the phone again due to the improvement of various configurations, and the increase of materials and suppliers, which may break through the price ceiling of conventional straight phones.

Would you consider buying the iPhone 14 series?

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