iPhone14 will continue to use Lightning port, why not usb-c?

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple is expected to launch a flood of new products between fall 2022 and the first half of 2023, At least four iPhone 14s, three Apple Watches, several Macs with M2 and M3 chips, the company's first mixed reality headphones, low-end and high-end ipads, new AirPods Pro, a new HomePod and an updated Apple TV.

Apple introduced the Lightning port in 2012 and currently uses it on all iphones sold, but the iPad Pro and iPad Air have moved to the more popular USB-C port.

The EU has already required that electronics sold in the BLOC should use a single charging standard, usB-C interface chargers, from autumn 2024. The European Parliament says the move could help consumers save more than 267 million dollars a year.

As for why the iPhone 14 doesn't drop the lightning connector and wait for the iPhone 15, supply chain sources say it's not realistic for Apple to change the design at a time when apple's foundry has already begun pre-production of the iPhone 14 since June, meaning that the design of the new device is already complete.

In addition, supply chain sources said apple could introduce USB-C in some iPhone 15 models next year as it tries to balance its bottom line, and that those models are already in the works, depending on apple's own pace as to when they will become widely available.

Some agents said that Apple could earn billions of dollars a year just by licensing Lightning port. If the Lightning port is changed, it means that this part of the cost will be reduced, so it is not easy for them to decide.

It's too early to say that the iPhone 16 will be usB-C entirely.

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