iPhone14 rollover_iPhone14 users receive “unsupported SIM card” message, Apple confirms iOS16 bug

Apple has acknowledged another iOS 16 bug that has affected iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max users. According to a report, iPhone 14 series users reported that their phones received an "unsupported SIM card" message, after which the screen froze for a period of time.

Apple acknowledged the iOS 16 bug, making it clear that the issue is not a hardware problem and that the company is currently investigating the matter, Apple also advised its users to take care to keep their software up to date.

What should you do if your iPhone 14 says "SIM card is not supported"?

While the investigation is still ongoing, Apple has advised its users to take some steps in case they encounter the error. Users are advised to wait a few minutes to check if the pop-up message will disappear on its own. If not, users should not try to restore their device and should instead go to an Apple offline store or an authorized service provider that is qualified to receive technical assistance requests and resolution.

However, this is not the first bug plaguing Apple's iPhone 14. a few weeks ago, users of the iPhone 14 Pro Max complained that the camera vibrates when opening third-party apps. There were also issues with the 5G signal/both of which were reportedly fixed with updates, and we haven't heard of them since.

Apple is currently working on the iOS 16.1 update, which is expected to roll out at the end of this month. The new update is likely to bring a variety of new changes, features and bug fixes. Apple recently rolled out the iOS 16.0.3 update, which will likely correct multiple bugs.

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