iPhone 16 design preview: camera arrangement goes back to iPhone X

It is believed that the tech world is looking forward to Apple's upcoming iPhone 16.

Source MajinBu shared CAD renders of the iPhone 16 on social media, revealing three major design tweaks for this new model. These tweaks herald Apple's new thinking on the phone's design and further optimization of the user experience.

First, the back design of the iPhone 16 will feature a vertically aligned camera configuration. iPhone 16's design elements are similar to those of the iPhone X, while also sharing similarities with the iPhone 12.

Notably, the iPhone 16 has a more prominent camera module bulge, a design reminiscent of earlier iPhone models, and this area will house the necessary sensors. Additionally, unlike the iPhone 15 series, the iPhone 16's flash module is placed outside the camera housing.

This change signals that Apple may be rethinking its iconic camera layout to accommodate new technology and design trends. The vertically aligned camera island could result in a more compact look for the phone, while also potentially providing more flexibility in the layout of internal components.

Secondly, the iPhone 16 will introduce an Action button similar to the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. This design change means that the traditional mute toggle will probably be replaced by a new way of operating the button, which means thereby means that the mute toggle bids farewell to the Apple stage for good.

Last but not least, one of the highlights of the iPhone 16 is the addition of the new Capture button.The CAD renders show the much-anticipated feature up close, revealing that the Capture button will be flush with the body of the phone, with design details that match previous rumors.

As you can observe from the image, the button is located below the side button or power button.

The entire lineup of the iPhone 16 is expected to come with a new Capture button that will respond to features related to the iPhone's video shooting capabilities, perhaps a button that will simplify the process of taking a picture and turn on the camera more quickly to take a shot.

The button is also expected to feature pressure-sensitive technology, allowing users to more easily adjust the focus before pressing the shutter.

Although there is still some time before the official release of iPhone 16, it is foreseeable that these new features of iPhone 16 will once again lead the trend of the smartphone market.

At the level of some of the humanized details, Apple can still bring users a good experience, and look forward to Apple can bring more surprises.

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