iPhone 14 series protective case hands-on in advance: the lens module is a whole circle larger

As Apple's fall launch approaches, more and more information about the iPhone 14 series has been released. In addition to the renderings, even the various models and cases of the series have been exposed in advance.

A few days ago, digital blogger "Technology Beast X" released a hands-on video of iPhone 14 series models and cases, comparing iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro Max cases, it is obvious that the lens module of the new machine is a whole circle bigger.

In addition, by putting the iPhone 14 Pro Max case over the iPhone 13 Pro Max, you can also visually see the remaining part of the lens module, and the lens is more prominent.

Via : https://weibo.com/6019681093/M25Adhqd3&k=1

This also means that the iPhone 14 Pro Max aperture increase, pixel enhancement, etc., the new machine will have a considerable improvement in image capabilities.

It is worth mentioning that this time, the iPhone 14 series of four models, Apple will be the main upgrade point to the Pro series.

The Pro series will be equipped with a ProMotion screen, similar to the shape of the exclamation mark double dugout screen, support for a minimum refresh rate of 1Hz, rest screen display, equipped with A16 chip, the main camera for 48 megapixels.

Of course, although the exclamation point hole for a moment to make people difficult to accept, but the reality is to improve the screen ratio, at the same time, the status bar on both sides of the hole will also display more icons and other information.

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