iPadOS 17.5 leaks: iPhone’s same battery health will go live on iPad

While iPhones have long been able to display battery capacity information, the latest iPhone 15 series goes a step further by being able to display the number of battery cycles, allowing users to visualize the health of their phone's battery.

The latest revelations suggest that Apple plans to port this feature to the iPad. Just this week, Apple pushed the iPadOS 17.5 beta firmware to developers.

By analyzing the code of iPadOS 17.5, developers discovered that the iPad will support displaying information such as the number of battery cycles and battery capacity in the future.

This feature is not yet fully supported in iPadOS 17.5, but considering that Apple is about to release new products such as iPad Pro 2024 and iPad Air in May, it is expected that the battery health status feature will be implemented in the new iPad Pro and iPad Air first, which is really exciting.

In addition, iOS 17.5 beta has been simultaneously launched, and developers in the EU can sideload apps through the web, which is a new app download channel provided by Apple for EU users.

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