iPadOS 16 release delayed How does this affect developers?

The latest report points out that Apple plans to postpone the release of iPadOS 16 by one month, while with iOS 16 will probably not be affected by anything. iPhone users can be happy with the new system in September, while iPad users will need to wait for a while longer.

It is reported that the delay of iPadOS 16 is due to a large number of bugs, compatibility and interface problems in its Beta version, which has caused the majority of test users and developers to troll. Currently Apple needs more time to improve the iPadOS 16 experience related to Stage Manager (multitasking).

A media report reveals that Apple is now aiming to release iPadOS 16 sometime in October. iPadOS 16 is currently in its fourth developer beta release, available to public beta testers.

During Beta testing, the system was criticized by some developers and users for a number of issues, including bugs, a confusing interface and a lack of compatibility with most iPads. The staggered release schedule will also allow Apple to devote more engineering resources to completing iOS 16, which may be a good thing for iOS 16.

The report also points out that the one-month delay in releasing iPadOS 16 also makes the release of Apple's new iPad Pro, which is being prepared with a new iPad Pro with a built-in M2 chip, "much closer".

We can hazard a guess that iPadOS 16 will be released closer to macOS Ventura, or that Apple will choose to release it at the same time as macOS Ventura.

Throughout the iPadOS 16 beta testing process, the Stage Manager multitasking management system received a lot of complaints from users and developers that Apple was trying to make this new feature desktop-level multitasking on the iPad side.

But from the looks of things, this experience is still a long way from being realized. Due to the performance requirements, the feature is only available on iPad models with M1 chips, but in reality this has led to more confusion.

It is important to note that the staggered release of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 could have a significant impact on developers due to the fact that many developers this are building generic apps using the iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and are unable to separate them.

The only solution is for developers to delay releasing their apps until both iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 are publicly available.

This is not the first time that Apple has released separate versions of iOS and iPadOS. Will iPadOS 16, which was delayed for technical reasons, be able to be shown in October with a more complete Stage Manager feature? It's hard to say yet, because iOS 16 is also very critical until then.

Considering the large number of bugs that have appeared in recent years after iOS updates, it seems that ordinary users have taken "don't update in the first place" as a means of avoiding risks, after all, there is no turning back when the downgrade channel is closed.

I hope Apple will seize the last one or two months to fix the bugs of iOS & iPadOS as much as possible and bring a better system experience.

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